Donut creativity

Quack Daddy’s vanilla cake donuts* are made fresh each day, ready for you to turn them into the perfect donuts. Customize your donuts by selecting one of our homemade icings and the topping of your choice. 

We are proud to serve locally-sourced coffee on tap from Indie Coffee Roasters and fresh milk from Dandy Breeze Creamery in Sheridan, Indiana. Pair a cup of coffee or a frosted glass of chocolate milk with your custom-made donut for an unforgettable Quack Daddy Donut experience!

*Gluten-free donuts are available upon request.


Explore our icings

Explore our toppings

No Icing? Problem!

Choose from our alternatives:


Chocolate Milk
Strawberry Milk
Almond Milk
Nitro Brew Coffee
Cold Brew Coffee
Kona Coffee
96 oz To-Go Coffee
Orange Juice
Apple Juice

How to order

1st customize

Grab an order form and customize your donuts.  Get creative and mix & match however you like!


  • one icing
  • one topping
  • quantity of each flavor

2nd order

Turn in your order form at the counter. Make yourself at home in our cozy shop while your donuts are being prepared to your liking.

3rd enjoy

Enjoy your fresh, delicious, and picture-perfect donuts!

Delivery via

Westfield, IN
Pendleton, IN
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Catering Costs
$150 + Cost of Donuts + $2/mi.