Quack Daddy Donuts | Our Story
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Our Story


Seriously Good Donuts.

While on vacation one year, Bryan and Lisa happened upon a small donut shop making some seriously good donuts. After sitting down, enjoying a donut or two, it struck them that more was going inside that tiny shop than satisfying a craving for sweets. It was alive, vibrant and a gathering place for the community. Bryan and Lisa knew that they had bumped into something special.

Back home, they just couldn’t shake the memory of that little donut shop. Aside from having a serious hankering for some great donuts, they also knew that a place like that would be an amazing addition to the already growing and vibrant downtown of Pendleton. Simply put, they couldn’t wait to go on vacation to score more of what that little shop had. So they went to work…

Your New Favorite Donut.

After some experimenting, digging, taste testing and planning, Bryan and Lisa launched Quack Daddy Donuts. But they weren’t satisfied in just having great donuts and a stellar atmosphere. They went even a step further – beyond the donut. Quack Daddy represents the perfect blend of Bryan and Lisa’s passion for community, the simple pleasures of life (like donuts),  and their desire to encourage people have fun together. So ride, run or walk on over to Quack Daddy and spend some quality time with the people you love and your new favorite donut.