Quack Daddy Donuts | Beyond the Donut
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Beyond the Donut

Beyond the Donut

With a passion for the community and for leading balanced lives, Quack Daddy Donuts not only believes in providing an extraordinary donut experience but also believes that we should encourage others to live long and prosper. Whether it be supporting a local or global organization or encouraging a healthy and balanced lifestyle, Quack Daddy Donuts hopes that you feel inspired with each bite.


Each month Quack Daddy wants to give back. This month’s organization is Nehemiah Vision Ministries. We will be selling handmade Haitian items with all proceeds going to Nehemiah Vision Ministries. To learn more about Nehemiah Vision Ministries check out their website.


At QDD we believe that everyone should live an active, healthy lifestyle. This doesn’t mean depriving yourself of treats. This doesn’t mean spending all of your free time in a gym. It means BALANCE. Treat yourself to life’s indulgences, such as fresh warm donuts, while keeping yourself healthy (walking, jogging, yoga, swimming, biking, surfing, kayaking, hiking). At Quack Daddy Donuts we believe that life should be enjoyed for as long as possible!


Quack Daddy loves this community! Pendleton has an unique atmosphere of a small friendly town with beautiful scenery and big personalities. Falls Park brings people and ducks together with its majestic waters and exhilarating trails. We wouldn’t have it any other way.